Just throwing this out there to see what comes back. My son recently acquired an Offshore 22 Center Console. (like we needed another project) The capacity plate is missing from the boat. I can calculate maximum number of persons, but was wondering if anyone knows the max H.P. this boat will handle? This boat came with a non-original Mercury 80. From what I have found, 115 seems to be the popular motor for these things. Boat is an '87. 

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Boats over 21 ft are not required to have a data plate

I'd say anywhere from 100hp to 150hp. My brother had a 21' Aquasport center console with a 250hp on it. Way too much motor for the boat. 

Thanks fro the input Jim.

I think it will be under-powered with the 80. I just don't want to see him over-power it. 

I don't know if had a capacity plate, P.O. had installed  new fuel tank and was prepping the interior for paint.

I think a 150 would be just fine. 80 not enough. Dave

I have a 22' Sea Hunt, with a 200 hp Suzuki. Nicely powered, but 250 hp would be perfect. Your boat absolutely will need 150 hp minimum.

Thanks for the input.

I know it wasn't a Chris Craft question, but with all the experience in this group I thought it was a good place to start. Seems like 115's and 150's are the popular options for this boat.

Yup. If it's a low-deadrise planing hull, you can get away with less horsepower. A deep V will require more.

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