has anyone installed a garmin shoot crew haul transducer in a chris craft commander in the bilge area this is a glue in type and did it work well threw the thick haul of the boat???? and thanks for all the input on the draft of my 47 commander

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Installed one on my 333 and it works great . This one was for my Garmin and it is always on track with the depth finder with the transducer mounted outside the hull .

I don't know the difference in hull thickness between my boat and yours

so you mounted in the inside of boat glued it to fiberglass inside boat  ? and it sounds threw the haul ok  my boat is about 2 inches thick fiberglass

I have only the shoot through  transducer.  Originally  it was a thru-hull at some point  I tried the puck and regularly compared and found no depth differences in my normal range of 4 to 50 feet.  Fish detection  results?

For my pre-install test I filled the port engine bilge with enough water to put a 1/2" on the puck.  This showed agreement between the two units as well as suitable  location.  I recommend  doing  this for reassurance  rather than trust that a different  application  will  have  the  same  result.

Happy  New  Year  


Yeah Tim glued right to the bottom .Need to make sure you have a clean surface and use plenty of epoxy so as not to get air between the sounder and the hull . Tim Miller hull is probably closer to the thickness of yours than mine is .

I have a hummingbird shoot thru transducer. Epoxied between my fuel tanks and shoots through the keel. Never had an issue and the only time I get a wonky reading is when I'm doing 20+ knots with the bow up hitting chop or turning. Just because the beam is getting bounced everywhere. Other than that it is very accurate!

In my sailing days I just used silicone to attach the transducer.  Seemed to work fine, you can always move it around till you find a spot that works. 

I'd love to know some model numbers of the transducers that have worked. The P79 which seems to be very available only specifies use for 5/8" hulls. I don't know how thick my hull is, but I'm sure it's more than that.

Steve ,

I think I still have the paperwork from mine on the boat . i will look tomorrow

 I had the P79 installed in my 27' Sport Express - used 5200 as the bonding agent - works like a charm.

2 inches thick? I don't think I've ever read of a Commander with a 2 inch thick hull. Can anyone confirm this?


tim stadelmann said:

so you mounted in the inside of boat glued it to fiberglass inside boat  ? and it sounds threw the haul ok  my boat is about 2 inches thick fiberglass

yeah 2 inches would make a very heavy boat I would think . Would love to see the actual specs

Early fiberglass hulls were still an experiment, nobody new how they would hold up to  sea conditions or how long they would last.The hand laid hulls were thicker near the keel, 1 1/2-2 inches for strength. They would get thinner as you moved out from center. 5/8-3/4 inch toward the chines and up the sides. Any one who has installed a new transducer on an old hull can chime in as to the thickness of the plug.

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