Swapping my Paragon 32AR with a Velvet Drive 72C on my 350Q

A little background; I'm working though a slow restoration of my 1972 23' CC Lancer. The long term plan is the inevitable repower but as of now this boat has the original closed cooled 350Q and paragon 32AR transmission. 

I've replaced the carb, fuel pump, water separator, a couple spark plugs and with the help of the a mechanic corrected the timing and the engine is running nicely. But in the few weeks it's been in the water the transmission has blown 2 gaskets and with a nasty grinding sound may have stripped the clutch plate. 

Rather then send sending it out and spending allot of money repairing a transmission that'll be obsolete after this engine, I'm thinking I should swap it for a Velvet drive. 

Does anyone know what issues I can anticipate ahead of time? Things like bell housing adaptions, cooling, or shaft length and coupling? 

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I don't know about the velvet drive but I saved a bundle when I thought my paragon was shot when I ran into an "honest" mechanic after a few others suggested rebuild. He showed me how the small bolt think that puts pressure on the reverse bands tends to get worn and cause it not to catch and go into reverse. It has extra washers on it as spacers and by removing one or two it put more pressure on the on the band. It was a fix and cost nothing. It doesn't hurt to take it out (meaning holding things together inside) and remove the washers. Perhaps different trans and issue from what you're experiencing but thought I'd chime just in case.

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