Well I haven’t used my boat this year but a handful of times. Summer is coming to an end here is the Pacific NW and she is back on the water and under cover.

Almalu was in my mechanic’ shop for about three months getting bottom paint, boot stripe touch up, a fiberglass repair, buff out, new fresh water system and faucets, a larger bilge pump and float, and getting her trim tabs working, and a laundry list of other things. I’m embarrassed to say that the tabs have never worked and each time I had her out for bottom paint I could have, but didn’t address them. I didn’t think they would make much of a difference and I like just putzing around. 

However my adult son uses the boat and he prefers a little speed. I always babied the (original 327F) engine along until my mechanic suggested she would actually prefer to be run a little harder. Long story short-wow!  The boat performs so well now that I’m ashamed that I limped along for so many years. Thanks to many tips read here on this forum that I passed along to Dave to help with the process 

Now she is back in the water and I’ve just had the wood in the helm redone after lots of reading here about stain color and technique. I didn’t do this work myself but the person who did patiently listened while I shared what I learned here.

Previously this wood had been stained with a very yellow semi opaque stain which hid the grain,  and then varnished to within an inch of its life. We took off the helm station wood face and sampled about five stain colors. We ended up choosing:

Minwax sealer/Minwax Golden Pecan oil based stain

Pettit Z-spar 1015 Captain’s Varnish-seven coats 

I will try to attach some photos here. 

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Thanks for the updates and congrats!  Good to hear from you again.


Looks very nice.

I really like the color of your seats. Nice steering wheel too! Thanks for the motivational pics to get my 27 improvements started.

Hi Missy. This is your neighbor Bob with the 42-Commander in Portland. Did you make it to the Chris Craft show in up North from you? Its always great. I visit with a few owners of Chris Connies and Commanders that I have sold that show up at the Port Orchard show. Great job on your boat projects. Summer is not over yet. 81 degrees today and the river is 70. Its been great taking the Commander out after work and swimming in the Columbia. Keep enjoying your Commander.

Hi Bob! Sorry I missed your post. I haven’t been to the rendezvous by boat in a few years. But I’ve been by land and saw some amazing boats and folks. Good to hear from you fellow west coaster.

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