Between the flakey gauges, the intermittent switches and the non-existent alarm buzzer I have decided scrap the Total Command System in my 1972 '41.

First I will preface that this is not a project for the faint of heart.  However, I am lucky enough to have the original schematics for the boat, along with the TCS service manual.  It really comes down to a matter of confirming what is there from the factory, what has been removed and what has been dealer/aftermarket added.  Luckily, Viaggio is pretty original minus an updated fume detector, and a (dealer installed?) Benmar Course Keeper.

As an electrical engineer, for once with my boat, I am right in my wheelhouse (no pun intended).  With schematics in hand, I have been working on the new helm design in CAD.  My plan involves removing the TCS circuit breaker/junction box unit.  Yep, the one that's door cannot be opened with the helm installed....not one of Chris' finest engineering accomplishments.  Everything runs to and from this box.  Each switch receives power from this box, and the load is switched back through this box on out to the consumer.  The result is a hundred extra connections to corrode and seemingly miles of wires to trace.

The good thing is that all of the ships' systems are terminated to terminal boards at the helm before connection to the box.  This makes for a tidy break point between old and new.  The engine harnesses home-run from the box to terminal boards in the engine room, so I will be cutting off the TCS connectors at the helm and installing new terminal boards there.  The result will be the ship side totally terminated to terminal boards at the helm. 

The circuit breakers on the new design will be integrated into the gauge panel (where they should be in my opinion).  For now, I have marked what couldn't be found on the schematics and pulled the dash today:

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