i have a 1968 31 Ft commander sedan with 327Q engine's and was wondering why the v drive is clunking when i put it into gear. The engines are idling at 750RPM. Is there possibly a stall switch in this model that needs to be adjusted ?

Ps thanks to all that answered my last questions.

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Youre down a cylinder. Well documented within the club.
Would you care to expand on that

What Lee is saying is that when a paragon has a miss in the engine, they clunk. You would swear there is something wrong with the trans, but it just what they do when they have an engine miss. BTW, I doubt your 31 has v drives in it. 31's are straight drives. Good luck.

He said it is clunking when he puts it into gear.  I thought it was more of a rattle at idle when a cylinder isn't firing...?

Nope.  It rattles in gear at idle. Easiest way to diagnose a miss?

RAise the RPMS about 200 in gear. If the rattle goes away its a miss. 

If the rattle gets worse? Investigate the trans. But almost 98% of the time? It's a misfiring cylinder. 

Scott Miller said:

He said it is clunking when he puts it into gear.  I thought it was more of a rattle at idle when a cylinder isn't firing...?

I did below. 

Neil J. Bastien said:

Would you care to expand on that
Ther is no rattle, just a clunk when it goes into gear forward and reverse. Tks

Have you tried turning down your idle? By the book it should be around 500rpm in gear. My transmissions would clunk when shifting sometimes, even after being rebuilt. I just chalked it up to slack in all the gears, probably mostly in the reduction gear. 

I noticed a clucking while putting mine in gear. 

I also just replaced the plugs and wires because of miss fire. Now I will check to see of clucking comes back.

I thought it was the prop hitting a shell??

I will let you know if it returns. Great info..

I just replaced my plug wires, no longer noticing the faint, rhythmic clatter at idle in gear.  500-hours on my transmissions, I would expect a shift clunk when they get more broken in.  I'll have to compare to my friend's '69 when it goes in the water this coming week.

Ok, This is normal, and like someone else said the Idle is probably a bit high. Yes 550 in gear is normal per CC Specs. We tend to set them at 625-650 in Neutral and find that they are about 550-575 in gear. 

The clunk is also usually more pronounced on the reverse rotation engine. (Stbd if Flywheel aft "F" engine)

Hope this helps. 

Thanks for offering the clarity 

Neil J. Bastien said:

Ther is no rattle, just a clunk when it goes into gear forward and reverse. Tks

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