I have looked top to bottom, front to back for the water storage tank in my 1967 47ft commander. I think it may be removed. There is a shelf in the middle bay under the kitchen that is empty on the right side, water heater is on the right side. Is the tank made into the hull?

Any help is appreciated. Russell

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Water tank on the 42 is in the aft cabin between the gas tanks and against the transom wall.  Would bet the 47 would have a similar set up.

Dave Wilson

42' Commander "Valhalla"

The tank location on our 47 is not at the stern. See picture of our aft cabin. There is a dresser that sits between the 2 berths and goes almost all the way back to the transom. I've been in there a couple of times and all that's there is steering gear. Our water tank is aluminum, and sits on a port side platform in the "storage room", just about right under the galley sink & stove.

Well, there ya go!  Another reason I can give the wife on why we need a 47!!

Dave Wilson

42' Commander "Valhalla"

Would anyone have a water system diagram? I have a large electric water heater sitting where your water tank is and a empty spot to the starboard side with nothing on it. It appears i have no potable water storage on the boat and need to figure out how it is plumbed into the system. On the bulkhead of the engine room are the 2 water inlets and they go to a check valve than a regulator then to a 3 way t system with 2 valves that god hasnt found where they go nor hav I. Any help will be appreciated cause i cant figure out where it should go in the system and or how it is vented. Thanks Russell


In all my years in the club and around Commanders, I have only ever seen one plumbing diagram, and that was for a 410. Even that one was confusing. Our 47 has a water pressure pump and the hot water heater on the stbd. side of the storage room. Sounds like someone changed your boat to dockside water only. I take it you have a gooseneck inlet on each side on the toerail ? One thing you might try is to introduce some water into the water tank inlet & see where it goes ?? My inlet is located on the transom. Our boat is a 1970 and is probably plumbed somewhat different than yours. Hopefully someone with a 67 or 68 will see this & chime in and explain your valving system.

ok after 2 wks searching, crawling, and squeezing into places man should not go using a scope i have a water diagram in the works for a 68 47ft. the elusive water tank resides between the bed/gas tanks but shoulder high on the transom. the filler for it is under the hatch in the back deck, it does not appear to have ever had a water filler like im used to seeing flush on the deck, just a screwed on pipe cap on the tank, also no vent so i am still a little perplexed. for anyone concerned the tank feeds the valving in the front of the engine room which feed cold front and back to the bathrooms/kitchen/hater heater in a loop. hot does the same from the water heater. all lines run on the port side around the front to the kitchen. shore water comes from 2 fittings mid ship on both sides to the before mentioned valving. Havent found a pump or figured out the valving but am definately making progress. would the tank fill from the shore fittings, how does the valving in the engine room work, if someone wants a drawing i can scan and send when i get the last of the questions answered. anyone got any ideas about life of the original water tank life? thanks russell

HI Russell!

The club would love a drawing of the plumbing that you create for our files section.  You can upload the file in this discussion thread for all to see and I will include it in the files section as well.  The rest of your journey awaits.  Thanks.

Russell Madden said:

ok after 2 wks searching, crawling, and squeezing into places man should not go using a scope i have a water diagram in the works for a 68 47ft. If someone wants a drawing i can scan and send when i get the last of the questions answered. thanks russell

Russell-that is where my tank is on my 42'.  It is a steel tank and I have never had any issues with it.My pump sets in front of the hot water tank in my engine room by the fire wall.  Like yours the plumbing to various locations is located on the fire wall.  I suspect the pump and location were not original to the boat.  Mine is in the main line coming from the aft cabin location and from there it feeds back to the lines on the fire wall.  Pressure for the system is all that is required so anywhere in the main line in should work to achieve this.

Dave Wilson

42' Commander "Valhalla"

Grand Lake, Oklahoma

attached are the line drawings of the water systems in my boat. it is a pic of the drawing. i will reduce the size and make better notes when i have some time and resend as a smaller scanned item. for now this is what i have. russell


My water tank on my 42 is in the same place as yours Russell in the transom I believe. I like the drawing.

47 foot commander, is an 80gal steel steel tank located in the Lazarette
I recommend that you make your own. There was no water system plan or other drawings relative to the numerous through-hulls on Grand Slam, so in my detailed and continuing inspections of the vessel I created my own. I am still amazed at the number of through-hulls; 14 on each side, and I think 10 through the bottom! That is a lot of holes to keep up with! But we do it!

Ed and Marcia
Grand Slam
On the Tennessee River near Guntersville, AL

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