What you need to know - 1969 47' Commander in Hudson Florida

After going through quite an ordeal with the owner of this boat I figured I would post this so you don't have to go through what I did to get this information. This is info you may need if you are interested in The "Ollies" 1969 47 Chris Craft Commander located in Hudson Florida.

Here's how the boat how it was when it was for sale 2 years ago

And here's the boat as it is now

This boat is listed on pop yachts and if an owner doesn't want to speak to a buyer apparently, he can opt to have the broker do all the talking. That's what's happening in this case. If you're interested in this boat you are never going to speak to the owner. Which is probably not a bad thing because this guy is a real piece of work anyway. He gave me such a run around I never did fly down to Florida from Ohio and inspect the boat I let the offer expire. As for the broker, one good thing I can say about Pop Yachts is if you put an offer in and then it is accepted then you send your deposit, your deposit is fully refundable and you can cancel out at any time for any reason before you accept the boat. This is really good because every boat I've been interested in so far with them has been misrepresented or the owner has been a flake. The only thing you're out is the wire fee your bank charges.

First off, in the listing it states that the engines run. They may run but you're never going to hear them run in a showing because the owner won't let you start them. If you are the successful offer on the boat and you want to go inspect the boat, he refuses to let you turn the battery switch and turn the key. And the broker won't allow you to do that either. If you want to hear them run you have to hire a licensed insured Florida marine mechanic to turn the key and start them. Yeah you heard that right. And even if you do hire a marine mechanic to start the engines, the owner will not allow you or the mechanic to put it in gear and turn the shafts for fear of shaft seals leaking because it has sad for so long. He wants to sell you a running boat but he will fight you every step of the way to verify that things actually work.

Next thing, this boat hasn't moved from where it's at for a long time. It's in really rough condition. Also not shown in the ad is the bow pulpit is broken and the bow rail is all bent up because a boat on the lift next to the bow apparently hit it or the CC hit the the boat that was on the lift. On the inside the boat is all taken apart it looks like a bomb went off. There's a YouTube video from 2 years ago where this boat was really nice and now it's looks like this. I don't know for sure since I haven't seen it but it's almost like it sunk at the dock or something. Everything is taken apart and there's no carpet in the boat anymore. The fact that they wouldn't let me turn the key and crank the engines over also makes me suspicious of the boat being sunk. The engines may well be seized but there's no way to easily determine that since they won't let you crank it over.

Which brings me to the dock it's at. This dock is really important because I called around and there is no docks for a 47 ft boat anywhere near Hudson. In a 30-mi radius I couldn't find any dock for this boat at any cost. And even if I could find a 47-ft dock available, The marinas is around there look nice and I seriously doubt they're going to let this thing in. So you're stuck with this dock.
Once I was under contract, the owner refused to let me have the phone number of the guy who owns this dock. It took me 4 days to finally get a hold of someone who gave me the owner's phone number so I could talk to the owner of the dock. When I did the owner told me the current guy is paying $250 a month plus electricity for this dock. but he also told me any future owner is going to pay $500 a month plus electricity because he's been renting it too cheap all these years.
This isn't a dock and a marina it's just a dock across from street from a bar. There's no services no bathrooms no anything. It does have electricity and water though. But they are rebuilding the seawall right now so you don't even have a ramp to walk out on the dock you got to walk out on a narrow plank. So if you're going to inspect the boat be careful!
And also a very important point there is no lease for this dock it's a handshake deal. And the owner of the dock told me this is only for one year at most and then the boat will need to be moved. I don't know the exact reason why but I'm guessing he might want to sell the property eventually so he doesn't want to make a commitment past when he's planning on doing that.
As for pumping the boat out (if the head was hooked up which I don't think it is right now), even if the boat could move under its own power the marina half a block away doesn't have a pump out. The marina at the end of the street does but they're on the other canal so if this boat ran you would have to take it out in the gulf and around to get to that marina.

And if you want to inspect the bottom of this boat, plan on a big towing bill. The nearest Marina with a haul out is 20 miles away. I called sea tow and asked them what that would cost and they tell me it would be $1000 bill estimated and that's one way. And since this boat has been in the water so long you probably can just about guarantee it's going to have hull blistering issues at the minimum. And the way this owner is, you better verify he will even let you tow the boat to have it checked out. The way he fought me with everything I wouldn't be surprised if he tells you you're not allowed to have it towed the dock to check the bottom even if you are a successful offer potential buyer.

Getting all this information was a huge ordeal because the owner was totally worthless he didn't help me one bit. I really think I'm lucky that the owner was such a pain because I think this boat would have been a nightmare experience probably. If you want to check it out though and update this any I would love to hear how the thing actually looks in person. Hope this info helps save someone some hassle too.

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A few more things I forgot to mention.
You would think this owner would be willing to get rid of this boat because it's been on the market for so long but I think he really wants full price and the broker told me he is in no hurry to sell it. I offered $13,500 and it's sat for over a week never acted upon. He only accepted an offer once I put in a full price $15000 offer.
With these boats I really don't care what I offer since as I said it's fully refundable if I don't like it. And it's a good thing I can fly for free too I have lots of frequent flyer points! You wouldn't want to be spending too much money to look at a boat like this I don't think.

Also out of curiosity I called surveyors in the area and I was only able to get a hold of one out of five I called. The one surveyor I did talk to you said he refused to survey pop yachts boats (and gave some interesting examples of why) but he said if you're planning on having that boat surveyed, make sure you check to see when they can do it before you make a plan because everyone is really booked up right now with the record year boat sales.

...and that my friends is why this cheap boat is still on the market.

And will be for a very long time!

I would have been done when we got to "Not turning on the battery switches"  And Pop Yachts has more negative feedback than most brokers combined. I've dealt with them. They are the "anyone who wants to sell a boat is now a popyachts broker"  


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