What are you guys doing about widow Rattle?

1971 commander.

Windows in the front cabin, rear cabin and bridge all rattle around.  I have no locks or anti ratle stuff to hold them in place.  I bought some locks and anti rattle stuff but it ended up not working.  What are ya'll doing to keep your windows secure, safe and rattle free?  

Pics would be great.

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You have, I think, the double cabin version of the 35, so your problems are not similar to many others.  We have the 35 Express and we have not any experience with widow rattles and we have run fairly heavy water both slowly and (without Liz to moderate my ???) very quickly with spray well over the hardtop.  Are your slider tracks in good condition?

You are correct, I have the Double cabin (salon) version of the 35 commander.  The rear of my boat is not like the express.  The front cabin and front half of the bridge is the exact same as a express (not interior layout but window design and structral design). 

So no one's windows in there front cabin rattle or bang against the rail.  I have no idea if the windows in the boat are the factory windows (although they seem to be factory). 

My window tracks look bad but work fine (water leaking over the years and now they have mold on them).  All the windows slide as should but they do not appear to be tight in there respective slots.  They bang around, even while at dock  when oil tanker wake come through the windows bang from one side of their tracks to the other side of their track.  Think if you press the window with your hand the noise goes away. 

We don't have that level of traffic to deal with and most of the time we are in a marina that is off the river but we will get some wave action.  One of my favorite tools for the windows is the super long chenille pipe cleaners found in arts and craft stores.  I use them mostly to clean the tracks and the overlap.  I think you could put a bend near one end and slide it down in the track to take up some of the slop.  The bent end would let you remove it. 

Pipe cleaners also work  well when winterizing to coax water out of the side plug of the through hull valve.


My guess would be it's the top side of the glass that's rattling, will the pipe cleaner trick work up there? If not, then maybe something thin and soft with adhesive on one side, inserted in the top track? Door weatherstripping comes to mind.

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