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If you are a registered member you can chat with other members that are online and on this site. There are two types of chat:

  • Main room chat; all members online or coming online can read and participate.
  • Private chat; a chat involving only two members. Only these two can read and participate.

The chat function is available on all pages of the site and can be used in parallel with anything else you happen to be doing on the site.

The chat feature is not audio.  It is more like an instant message. 

Use the main room chat

  1. At the bottom of the browser window there is a grey bar with the text Main Room.

    2.  Click it to open the chat room.

    3.  Any chat comments made by others in the main chat room will be displayed.

    4.  Type your message in the box at the bottom, to the left of the smiley face.

    5.  Hit Enter on your keyboard to send the message.

Use private chat and invite a member to chat

  1. In the bottom of the browser window there is a grey bar with the text Members Online. Click it to display the list of members that are currently online.

    2.  Click on the member you which to chat with.

    3.  A chat room for you two will be opened to the left of the Main Room.  In our example below, Timothy Miller's name was clicked.

   4.  Any previous chat comments made between the pair of you will be displayed.

   5.  Type your message in the box at the bottom, as displayed below.

6.  Hit Enter on your keyboard to send the message.

Things to consider when using chat

Chatting only works with other members that are online. You can't chat with people offline. Use standard e-mail for that.

When you invite someone to chat they will hear an alert sound to notify them that you want to chat with him/her (providing he/she didn´t switch off the loudspeakers).

Chats will not be archived and are not searchable. Thus it is best suited for casual exchange of thoughts. For other purposes the discussion forum is a better place to exchange information.

Club News



6th Annual CCCC Photo Contest Winners

1st Place: Mark Struebing, Michigan USA       Model:  1969 35 Sports Cruiser

2nd Place:   Kristian & Jacqueline, Illinois, US             Model:  1967 27' Commander Custom

3rd place:  Dawn Stone, Michigan, US                     Model:  1970 55' Commander


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SuperDisc 15.0 is an electronic encyclopedia of every aspect of Commander maintenance and repairs. The information on the disk is retrieved from the discussion forum and e-mail list, but organized in a way that makes information easy to find and use. SuperDisc is available on USB flash drive

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The Resource Collection 5.0 contents include CC Catalogs and Brochures. CC Service Bulletins, CC Price Lists. Engine & Transmission Manuals. Dick Avery sketches and drawings, a folder for every Commander model, and all kinds of technical and interesting stuff. Over 193 folders and 2,697 Files. A true “Treasure Trove” for the Commander owner!

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