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 About the Burgee Styling

The Official Club burgee is 100% custom embroidered quality nylon pennant with canvas heading & brass grommets.

The burgee design is based on the original sketch by former Chris Craft Director of styling, Dick Avery, for the current Chris Craft Commander Club logo. It features the dynamic 4 “C’s” trailing in the wake of a Commander at speed on a sea of blue with a red sky.

The Design was modified and approved by a group of Club members serving on the ‘Burgee Committee.’ Led by membership chair Whitney Pillsbury, the group included Greg Gajcak, Jeff Barraclough, and Fred Catcott.

The burgee is available in two designs; ‘raked’ and ‘straight.’




Raked is slanted for flagpoles that are mounted at an angle. 






Straight is a flag that mounts on a vertical pole.




For example 38’ Commanders with the original ‘teardrop’ bow fixture have a raked pole hole.  Some 31’ Commanders utilize adjustable rail mount pole holders so you could use either. Check your boat before you order. Please specify at time of purchase.


Styled in Nylon

The Official Commander Club burgee is MADE IN THE USA. It was built to be a ‘one-level’ design so that there is only one layer of nylon anywhere on the flag – which allows it to fly in the lightest breeze. The two color panels are mated in the middle of the design with a French stitch cleverly hidden at the ‘water line’ splitting the design.

The dense 200 denier close-weave nylon still offers a great combination of strength and brilliant color display. Other benefits from this construction; its quick drying ability and resistance to ultraviolet radiation.


Being good to your burgee

The single greatest cause of flag deterioration is carelessness. Occasional washing in warm mild-detergent water will prevent dirt and pollutants from attacking the fabric. To prevent mildew, let your flag dry thoroughly before covering it. Have your flag repaired at the first sign of fraying, don't' wait for it to be blown to shreds. Continuous day and night display will shorten the burgee’s life. You should consider covering your burgee when not in use to appreciably lengthen its life.

Two “Martha Stewart” tips for covering your burgee: 1) Use an old umbrella cover, the kind that comes with cheap pop-up umbrellas that are quickly lost or discarded after the umbrella’s first use. These make excellent burgee covers. 2) While more elaborate, try using a small length of PVC pipe with a cap, simply slip this over your furled burgee when you leave the boat, it’s weight will keep it in place. This will withstand sunlight, hurricane strength wind and possibly the apocalypse.



Embroidery or bust

The absolute biggest marching orders we had, as the burgee committee was to create art that could be displayed in 100% embroidery. But we also had a challenge to communicate both the Chris Craft logo and CCCC logo and still give the fullest visual effect flapping in the wind! We believe we have achieved that goal!

The burgee is 100% embroidered with extra strong UV resistant thread with absolutely no silk-screening or additional appliqué. This design, of course increased the complexity of the flag, and the letters read in reverse on the backside (which is not uncommon). This is as ‘yar’ as a burgee can get and certainly qualifies to fly from the bow of our classic boats.

Construction: The Commander Club burgee is built on a durable canvas heading with brass grommets designed to withstand the marine environment. It can last for many seasons with the proper care.



Club News


The Fall 2022 Issue of Styled On FIberglass Is Now Available!!

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 Photo Contest Results Are In!

Congratulations to this year's photo contest winners: 

First Place:  Brent Fairman                                   

Second Place:  Robert Langley                     

Third Place:  Mike watson

Thanks to everyone that entered the contest.

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