January, 2015

With great pleasure and pride, the Executive Committee would like to announce that Ellen Wingfield of Tonka Bay, MN is the winner of the Creative Project Contest and will be receiving the special Commander Club wall clock.

Here is her winning entry.



     Photo of Ellen aboard MOSEY, a 30’ Sportsman.

“I made a Captain's chair slip cover with rope trim. It slides over our Garelick folding boat chair and is held on with Velcro. We will enjoy using it on our boat this summer !! "

Congratulations to everyone who entered! We were amazed by the number of  unique, high-quality entries.  Every judge agreed that choosing only one was very difficult as they were, in our minds, all winners.

Thank you for entering the contest! We appreciate your participation in the Chris Craft Commander Club. We hope you enjoy your one of a kind Commander Club item!!!

The other entries

John Scherzinger, Appleton WI

My new Cocktail table on the deck of the SEA HAWK, a 38 Express. It's made of African mahogany, and has a plexiglass insert to protect the fabric. I expect it to perform flawlessly as a support for a variety of adult libations.





Roy and Jacqui Diggle   Nanaimo, BC Canada
JAX 'N DIGGS  TOO, 38 Sedan
Framed wall hanging


Jack and Toots Justis, Coconut Creek FL
The logo could also be run vertically.


Bob Hartford, Pierre SD
1984 CC Commander 333 “CABERNET”

Door for wine rack cupboard
We decided to do a “door” for our wine glass rack compartment on our recently restored 1984 CC Commander 333 “Cabernet”. The door frame is custom made of Brazilian mahogany with a maple inlay. While we were at it, we updated the lights on either side of the compartment.

Before                                            After




Jim Hasenbeck, Edmond OK
410 Commander



For weeks I tried and tried to come up with something that was very creative and unusual. I struggled right up to the eleventh hour. It seemed like everything I came up with was just too obvious. I wanted my solution to represent the CCCC family in a very different yet first class way.

I was getting dressed for a New Year's party trying on my tux to make sureit still fit (I think it shrinks just a little bit more every year) when THE IDEA hit me. I wanted to do something that would stand out from all the other black and white tuxes at the party. That is when the CCCC Creative Project popped into my head. As you can see from the photos I think it worked out better than I had hoped for. Take note how plain my tux looked before the addition of flying the CCCC colors. 

John Toedtman/Susan Gravely, Cincinnati OH
RASCAL, 41 Flush Deck
Pillow with fringe


It has a place of honor on the Rascal, 41 Flush Deck. . Everyone comments about how pretty it is.

Andrew MacPherson, Summit NJ
Daughter Emma had the idea and sewed the pillow.




Dan & Tracy Hartley Midland, Ontario Canada

35 Sport Cruiser AIM WEST




Russell Madden, Graford TX

47 Commander
Bench Back

The banner is incorporated into the captain/church bench on our 47 ft commander, visible from the dock and back deck.



Ruthie Sherman West Bloomfield, MI
47 Commander, A PAIGE OF SUMMER PLUS 2
Ice Bucket



Contest Background

As part of our last burgee order, our supplier gave us fourteen flat pieces of embroidered material. The size is 17” h X 22” w. These could not be used for burgees because there is white sizing (backing) for the embroidery on the flip side.

Fourteen members entered to create something special from these patterns and submit a photo of the finished product to the Executive Committee. Eleven finished entries were received. The Executive Committee selected the winner on January 18, 2015 and awarded the winner a special Commander Club wall clock for their home or boat.


Thank you for entering the contest! We appreciate your participation in the Chris Craft Commander Club.

We hope you enjoy your one of a kind Commander Club item!!!

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