Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Club moving to a new site?

Today, our services reside on three different websites. They work like three different entities and don't provide members with a ”one stop shop” experience. All are based on technology and best practices that originated10 years back. There are a multitude of operating problems, some very evident to members, others are more subtle, some hamper our ability to pursue new possibilities. We think we can do much better and that the members deserve state of the art tools, just like they did when the club started 13 years ago.

When will the new site be launched?

The new site will be launched February 4, 2013. Present members will get an invitation via a post in our discussion forum and via e-mail.

Will the new site be private or public?

Most parts will be public. Posting and commenting in the forum and posting photos, videos and files will require membership. Some content is exclusively for members.

What will happen to the Yahoo discussion forum when this new site is launched?

It will be closed for further posting. No new users will be signed up. It will be available for reading old posts and files for a long time to come. All important information from year 2000-2012 is also available on the SuperDisk and Resource Disk as usual. 

What will happen to the present public website?
It will be closed and most information is already transferred to the new site.

What will happen to the member registry site?

It will be closed and replaced by a vastly improved registry on the new site. It is much more user friendly and makes it easier to find other members in your area or with your Commander model.

Will I have to re-register to access the new site or can I use my Yahoo ID?

Some parts of the new site are available without registering. To discuss, post photos and files etc you need to re-register. Once registered you can use your Yahoo ID to login in the next time if you want. You can also use your Google ID, Facebook ID or Twitter ID to login.

What will happen to the For Sales pages?

We have transferred all ads to the new site. Biggest news is that sellers can post and update their ads themselves without involving the webmaster. Potential buyers can also post questions or comments about advertised boats. Another great feature is that it also caters to selling and buying spare parts and accessories, something we haven't had organized in a good way for many years.

The discussion forum seems very different. What are the main changes?

The most important change is that all posting and discussion takes place on online. You go to the site to post new main topics or to reply to existing posts. All posts can include imbedded photos and links and can be formatted for better reading. This is something that couldn't be done at YahooGroups. Another difference is that the main topic and all relating comments are grouped together for better overview. 

Can I still send posts and comments to the discussion forum via e-mail?

No. You have to go to the site to post discussion topics and to reply on topics posted by others. If you want you can subscribe to get notifications via e-mail about new topics or if someone replies on a post you made. You can also subscribe to daily digests via e-mail to keep you up to speed. 

Why this change? I think using my e-mail for posting is convenient.

Discussion forums give best value if they are online. Mailbased discussion forums were designed to overcome two problems of the past, namely lack of bandwidth and lack of connectivity. Today, most users have "always on" connectivity and high bandwidth. The new site is even optimized to work on smartphone or tablets such as the IPad. You will recognize that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Flickr as well as all forums on large media sites operate along similar lines. 


Club News


The Fall 2022 Issue of Styled On FIberglass Is Now Available!!

Click HERE to download this and previous issues..



 Photo Contest Results Are In!

Congratulations to this year's photo contest winners: 

First Place:  Brent Fairman                                   

Second Place:  Robert Langley                     

Third Place:  Mike watson

Thanks to everyone that entered the contest.

Winning Photos- Click Here


 Club Hangouts

 If you want to share the details of a local event, that you think would be of interest to members in your area, or if you want invite members to an event you are throwing, consider using the Club Hangouts feature.