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This mail was sent to our webmaster Alarik von Hofsten by one of our members a few years back. It is a touching story  that deserves to be shared.


We have decided to keep our commander and wish for you to remove the advertisement from your web site. We appreciate the assistance you and the club website have offered and would also like to say, that every time we had someone contact us from the website they were very kind, courteous and informative folks.

So much so that we have decided we don't want to sell our commander and want to be more involved with the club and the folks who belong to it.

We recently contacted David Griggs though the CCCC. We sent him an email and asked if he would be willing to let us come see his Sport Cruiser and "show us the ropes" He graciously agreed and welcomed us into his home and his boat. He shared his many years of boating and Chris Craft experience with us. We would love to include an article on the CCCC website to thank him and the CCCC for allowing us into your world and showing us that there are still some caring people in this world with values and a willingness to share their knowledge and allow someone else to grow.

David allowed us to stay in his beautiful Florida guest house, (which is a boater's paradise). He agreed to show us his boat from the heart (twin 427's) to the flybridge, and even let us drive her and get a feel for how those fabulous twin screws handle.

We learned as much as he could tell us in just 2 days. He is a wealth of knowledge and even shared his mistakes so we wouldn't do the same. Dave always said, even though I made a mistake, the Chris Crafts are so well made, the boat or engine was very forgiving with no major harm. This past weekend was an absolutely fabulous opportunity and we feel it is the because of the type of people who own these boats and are involved with the CCCC.

We are looking forward to many years of boating and want to thank our special Skipper David Griggs.

So would you please consider sharing our experience on the CCCC website.

Vince and Tonya Avenatti

Club News

2019 Regional Rendezvous Hosts Wanted

Are you yearning for a little fix for Commander-itis?

Would you like to meet other Commander owners in your area?

Do you have a great idea for a Commander gathering on or off the water?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we have just the remedy for you: We encourage you to think about hosting, or, indicating your interest in hosting a Regional Rendezvous in your area in 2019.

For more information about hosting - click here:

Hosting A Rendezvous

Char Pike has volunteered to be the EC “Point Person” for 2019 Regional Rendezvous. Please contact Char if you are interested in organizing & holding a Regional Rendezvous in your area. Char’s e-mail address is


2018 Photo Contest Winner

The 4th Annual Chris-Craft Commander Club Photo Contest had more than 50 entries and selecting the winners was not an easy task. 

First place: submitted by Pat Chaps

Second place: submitted by Martin Krall;

Third place: submitted by Jeff Pacy.

To view all entries to this year's contest,         Click Here


The 2018 Chris-Craft Commander Club National Rendezvous is in the books and it was a great time!!

City of Mentor, Ohio

The city of Mentor, Ohio and the Lawnfield Inn & Suites were wonderful hosts.  A special Thanks to Rob Kneen, the local member sponsor, and Char Pike for the hours of hard work put in organizing and coordinating an amazing weekend. 

The Rendezvous Photo Albums can be accessed through the links below, as well as, under Library, Photo Albums.  We will continue to add links to other albums as they become available. Also below, you will find links to a couple articles written for the local newspaper.

Photo Album 1                 Photo Album 2  

Photo Album 3


Chris-Craft Commander Club Celebrates Anniversary in Mentor

Chris-Craft Commander connoisseurs congregate at Mentor Lagoons Marina



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