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Through "My Page", you can tailor the way this site works to your personal preferences. This is how you do it:

  1.  Click "My Page" on the blue menu bar.  The page that displays shows your basic infromation on the left and any forum discussions you've created on the right.  You will also see several tabs:









Under these tabs, you can see the photos you've uploaded, videos you've uploaded, etc, etc.

2. Toward the right of the page, you shoud see a gear icon that says "Options".  When you click that option, you will see the following menu:










3. On the menu, you can choose to update your profile information and email settings, by clicking "Edit Profile".  If you want to upload a Profile picture, click "Upload" under Profile Photo.

Update Boat and Personal Information:

1.  From the "Options" menu, Click "Edit Profile".







2. On the initial page, you see will show all of your boat and personal information.  Make all the changes needed, then click the "Update" button at the bottom.


Update Email Notification Settings:

Do you only want to get certain emails from the Commander Club?  You can control what email you receive by following the steps below:

1.  From the "Options" menu, Click "Edit Profile".

2. You will see a couple options toward the left side of the page,  Click "Email"







3. You should then see all the different types of notifications you can receive from the Commander Club.  Unclick any that you do not want to receive.  You can even turn off all notifications by clicking the box at the bottom of the page.  We recommend that you start by keeping the default settings for e-mail notifications so you don't miss out on things. As you get acquainted with the site you can turn some notifications off. 


















 4.  Once all changes have been made, click the "Update" button at the bottom of the page. 

Club News


The Fall 2022 Issue of Styled On FIberglass Is Now Available!!

Click HERE to download this and previous issues..



 Photo Contest Results Are In!

Congratulations to this year's photo contest winners: 

First Place:  Brent Fairman                                   

Second Place:  Robert Langley                     

Third Place:  Mike watson

Thanks to everyone that entered the contest.

Winning Photos- Click Here


 Club Hangouts

 If you want to share the details of a local event, that you think would be of interest to members in your area, or if you want invite members to an event you are throwing, consider using the Club Hangouts feature.