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My boat, named "The Stroller", is a 1969 23 foot commander sport. We keep her in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and purchased her about 20 years ago.


Since then, we made several small modifications to improve her overall look, but we have been very careful to preserve the classic and sporty look. First, we decided on a new paint design. As see in the picture, she is now painted a deep blue with a white top side and white water line. We also replaced the old three bar white stripe on the back with a deep blue one to match the hull.

The interior was also modified. We first pulled out the middle bench seat and replaced it with a very unique wrap around seating arrangement that put benches on both sides of the boat. As you can see in the photo, it gives the boat a unique look and a great place for passengers.

Since we were kids we have loved water skiing, so when the boat was remodeled we flipped the passenger's seat to face the stern of the boat so a ski spotter could look backward. Finally, I added a flag post to the bow for the retro bow pennant. The combination of these improvements has worked out nicely.


Finally, I thought I would share the story of how the boat was named. When I was about 5 years old, my entire family (aunts uncles and grandma included) took a trip to Ireland to see our family who still lives there and to have a party in honor of my late grandfather who had died the year before. We had the party in the little town of Ballyneety at a pub called "The Stroller".

It was the spring after this trip that we bought our new boat. She went unnamed for about half a season, and during that first summer, people started to realize that if you placed young kids (my brothers, cousins and I) up in the bow section, the rumbling of the engine would have them asleep in no time.

After figuring this out, the boats name dawned on my mother and grandmother. So, we named the boat for her affect on kinds and in honor of my grandfather. That is why on the back of the boat, under her name, it says that she makes birth in both Williams Bay, Wisconsin and Ballyneety, Ireland.

David Gaeger, WI

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