2021     Algonac, MI July 23-25



Algonac Harbour Club, Port O'Call restaurant, Algonac-Clay Maritime Museum




 2021 Rendezvous Algonac, MI Photo Album PDF

2021 National Rendezvous Photo Album

2021 National Rendezvous Awards

2021 Rendezvous Award of Distinction Honorees



2018     Mentor, OH July 27 - 29


Hosts:  Rob & Nancy Kneen, Lawnfield Inn & Suites; Mentor Lagoons Marina and Yacht Club; Skye Bistro & Pub



2018 Rendezvous - from CC Facebook page PDF

2018 Rendezvous By Jeremy Goldstein PDF

2018 Rendezvous Mentor, OH Photo Album by Pam Sorensen PDF


2018 Mentor Rendezvous Photo Album by Pam Sorensen

2018 Mentor Rendezvous Photos by Jeremy Goldstein

2018 Rendezvous - from CC Facebook page


Chris-Craft Commander Club Celebrates Anniversary in Mentor

Chris-Craft Commander connoisseurs congregate at Mentor Lagoons Marina


2018 CC Rendezvous Orillia Ontario Canada Photo Album PDF


2018 CC Rendezvous Orillia Photos



2017      Regionals


Commanders on the Chesapeake  July 21 – July 23 

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum 

Hosts:  Matt Cowles, Darin Haselhorst

2017 Chesapeake Regional Rendezvous Photo Album PDF

2017 Chesapeake Regional Photo Album   link may not work



 2017 CC Rendezvous Orillia Ontario Canada Photo Album PDF


2016      Dubuque, IA  July 29 - 31  



 Host: Pam Sorensen, Terry & Faith Sorensen

Covered in Styled in Fiberglass Fall 2016 Issue

2016 Dubuque Rendezvous by Tim Miller PDF

2016 Rendezvous Dubuque, Iowa Photo Album PDF

2016 Dubuque Rendezvous Photo Album  link may not work

More Rendezvous Photos - Miller Album link may not work





2015      Regionals



Tennessee  May 1 – 3

 Hosts: Wayne & Jan Roworth

Covered in Styled In Fiberglass Spring 2015 Issue

2015 1st Tennessee Regional Rendezvous Photo Album PDF

Photo links may not work

2015 1st Tennessee Regional Rendezvous Photos - Vol. 1

2015 1st Tennessee Regional Rendezvous Photos - Vol. 2

2015 1st Tennessee Regional Rendezvous May 1, 2 & 3 - Vol. 2


9467804891?profile=original  Clinton River Boat Club Lake St. Clair: August 7 - 9

   Hosts: Heath Trerice & Family 

  Covered in Styled In Fiberglass Fall 2015 Issue

2015 Regional Clinton River Boat Club Photo Album PDF



2014      Huron, OH August 1 - 3


15th Anniversary, 50th birthday of 38 Commander  

Hosts: Tim Toth & Family, Matt O'Donnell & Family

Covered in Styled In Fiberglass Fall 2014 Issue

2014 Rendezvous Huron, OH Album 1.pdf

2014 Rendezvous Huron, OH Album 2.pdf

Photo links may not work  Rendezvous 2014 Photo Album 1    2014 Huron Rendezvous Photo Album 2

                                  Rendezvous 2014 - Album 1   Rendezvous 2014 - Album 2


2013      Regional - St. Clair, MI   August 16 - 18

Hosts: Brian Barton, Pat & SheilaChaps, Ron & Ruthie Sherman, Ted & Lana Schnitz

Covered in Styled in Fiberglass Fall 2013 Issue

2013 Regional - St. Clair, MI Album 1 PDF

2013 Regional - St. Clair, MI Album 2 PDFpdf

Photo links may not work Photo Album   2013 ST CLAIR REGIONAL RENDEZVOUS more photos



2012 Detroit, MI  Kean's Marina August 2 - 5

9468107660?profile=originalHosts: Mike & Terese Schrage, Ron & Ruthie Sherman, Mario   & Lula Puglise, Jim & Carolyn Roth, David &Char Pike

Covered in Styled in Fiberglass Fall 2012 Issue

2012 Rendezvous Detroit, MI Photo Album PDF

Rendezvous 2012 Photos


2011      Algonac, MI Regional Commandervous  September 15

9467263062?profile=originalHosts: Brian Barton, Clyde & Deb Caron

Covered in Styled in Fiberglass Winter 2011 Issue   

 2011 Commandervous September 15th Album PDF

2011 Commandervous September 15th Photo Album



2011      Galveston, TX cancelled August 5 - 7



 Hosts: Thomas Custer & Family





2010      Huron, OH  August 5 - 8


Hosts: Tim Toth & Family, Matt O'Donnell & Family

Photo Article in Styled in Fiberglass Fall 2010 Issue

2010 Rendezvous Huron, OH Photo Album PDF

Rendezvous 2010 Photos





2010 Canadian Regional British Columbia

          Article in Styled in Fiberglass Fall 2010 Issue


2009      Chesapeake Bay, MD  July 16 - 19 10th Anniversary


 Kent Island Yacht Club  

 Hosts: Eileen Powers & Fred Delavan, Scott Cadle & Meetu Kaul, Norah Dahlen, Jack & Pat Shield,Rob & Diane Schiller

Covered in Styled in Fiberglass  Winter 2009 Issue

2009 Rendezvous Chesapeake Bay Photo Album PDF

Photo link may not work

2009 Rendezvous in Maryland Photos


2008      Delray Beach, FL October 31 - November 2

9468110869?profile=original  Hosts: Byron Smith & Mimi Rizek

  REFLECTIONS Delray Beach Rendezvous 2008

2008 Rendezvous Delray Beach Photo Album 1 PDF

2008 Rendezvous Delray Beach Photo Album 2 PDF

Photo link may not work

  2008 Delray Beach Rendezvous Photo Album

2008 Delray Beach Rendezvous Photo Album, Vol 2







2007      Algonac, MI August 3 - 5


Hosts: Mike & Lora Adam, David & Char Pike

Photo Article in Styled in Fiberglass Winter 2007 Issue

2007 Rendezvous Algonac Photo Album PDF

Rendezvous 2007 - Algonac, MI Photo

2007 Rendezvous Photo Album




2006      Dubuque, IA August 18 - 20

 9468111276?profile=originalHosts: Chris & Julie Orphal, Lynn & Clif Orphal

Covered in Styled in Fiberglass Winter 2007 Issue

2006 Rendezvous Dubuque Photo Album PDF

Photo link may not work 2006 Rendezvous on the Mississippi River



2005      Michigan City, IN  August 11 - 14


Hosts: Dick & Patty Morland, Lawrence & Jena Neisler

Article in Styled in Fiberglass Winter 2007 Issue Voyage to Mecca

 2005 Rendezvous Michigan City By Tim Miller.pdf

2005 Rendezvous Michigan City Photos By Alarik von Hofsten pdf.pdf

2005 Rendezvous Photos

Rendezvous 2005 Photos by Alarik von Hofsten link may not work



9466857098?profile=original2004      Bradenton, FL April 1 - 4

  Hosts: Jim Wick & Bob Bothum, Dick & Maureen Avery, Tim & Lynne Gressett

     Article in Styled in Fiberglass Spring 2005 Issue

    Rendezvous 2004 Photos

2004 Rendezvous Album PDF




2003      South Haven, MI July 25 - 27


Hosts: Todd & Susan Heinrich

Rendezvous 2003 Photos

2003 Rendezvous Photo Album PDF

   South Haven Rendezvous 2003 Photo Collage from Styled in Fiberglass Winter 2004






2002      Portsmouth, VA September 20 - 22


Hosts: Robert Cutchins & Jamie Rolison, Ray Easler

Article in Styled in Fiberglass Fall 2002 Issue (Published October 2002)




2001      Drummond Island, MI August 10  - 12


Hosts: Mark, Mike and Deb Young, Curt Radford, MD

Article in Styled in Fiberglass Fall 2001 Issue (Published October 2001)



Informal Gatherings

Since there are many Commanders in the Detroit area, members have organized informal meets before we called them regionals.  The 'core' group was known as the Motor City Motley Crew.  Scott Anderson and Mike Adam were the organizers of such events and some members drove from Illinois, Missouri, Indiana and Iowa to attend.

There were September events at the Detroit Yacht Club in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010

Other  events included:

  • Detroit Boat Show and late lunch February 2005
  • Dinners at Jack's restaurant in the fall of 2000 and winter of 2001
  • Dinner at the Ford Yacht Club April 2001

Club News



The Executive Committee Election Results Are In!!

All Executive Committee positions are elected, with only the Chief Commander and Treasurer being limited to two terms. The election is held every two years during first two weeks in December of odd numbered years. Even if all positions are unopposed, the election must still be held as directed by the club bylaws.

For the 2022-2023 term, your current Executive Committee agreed to serve. No floor nominations were received so all ran unopposed. The new term begins on January 1st, 2022

Congratulation to the 2022-2023 Chris-Craft Commander Club Executive Committee:

Chief Commander --- Mike Hagler
Treasurer --- Sterling (Scott) Shriber
Membership Chair --- Jim and Roni Sue Bell
Archivist --- Charlene Pike
Webmaster --- Pamela Sorensen
Public Relations Chair --- Mark Terry SR and Donna Gibson



  7th Annual Photo Contest Winners

The 7th Annual Chris-Craft Commander Club Photo Contest was a smashing success, with 79 entries!!  The top ten photos were selected, by your Executive Committee, with the final vote put to the membership to select the top 3 .  We received almost 300 votes, which is about 200 more than normal.  And not to be outdone, we had a 3-way tie for 3rd place!!! 

First Place: "Lady Abbiegail"







Click HERE to see all of this year's winners. 





SuperDisc 15.0 Morland Commemorative Edition and Resource Collection 6.0 Available Now!

SuperDisc 15.0 is an electronic encyclopedia of every aspect of Commander maintenance and repairs. The information on the disk is retrieved from the discussion forum and e-mail list, but organized in a way that makes information easy to find and use. SuperDisc is available on USB flash drive.  The Morland Commorative Edition is Superdisc 15.0 with the addition of the Spring 2020 Dick Morland Memorial Issue of STYLED IN FIBERGLASS. This is the last superdisc in its present format. 

Click here for more details https://commanderclub.com/page/superdisk

The SuperDisc 15.0 Complete Edition is for first time buyers of SuperDiscs.

The SuperDisc 15.0 Morland Commorative  Upgrade Edition is intended for those who wish to upgrade their SuperDisc 1.0 through 14.0. Each year we add over 1,000 posts. Don’t miss out.

Resource Collection 6.0 is great to own too!!!

The Resource Collection 6.0 contents include CC Catalogs and Brochures. CC Service Bulletins, CC Price Lists. Engine & Transmission Manuals. Dick Avery sketches and drawings, a folder for every Commander model, and all kinds of technical and interesting stuff as well as archived posts for 2019 and 2020. Over 193 folders and 2,823 Files. A true “Treasure Trove” for the Commander owner!

We thank you for supporting the club with your purchase of SuperDisc15.0 Morland Commemorative Edition  and/or Resource Collection 6.0. We hope you find it to be the value we feel it is, and trust you will enjoy the other benefits your payment will help provide. It’s your payment that helps to support the activities of this dues free organization that has grown from 12 members in 1999 to well over 4930 members in January 2021.

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