The Commander Club's SuperDisc

SuperDisc 14.0 now available!! 2000 - 2018 posts

Resource Collection 4.0 New in 2019

SuperDisc is available on  a USB flash drive.  The DVD version has been discontinued.

The information on the disc is retrieved from the discussion forum and e-mail list, but organized in a way that makes information easy to find and use.

To order now click here!

SuperDisc Contents

Complete post archives from year 2000 up to and including last calendar year, sorted by message number, author and subject.

19,176 Posts  

Preview the Master Subject Index through 2017

Preview of the 802 posts added in 2018

Ways to Use SuperDisc


Here are some of the most popular topics:

254 for 27 Commanders     
  43 for 30 TSF/Sportfish
974 for 31 Commanders
296 for 35 Commanders
680 for 38 Commanders
498 for 41/410 Commanders 521 for 42 Commanders
60 for 45 Commanders
354 for 47 Commanders
845 for small block engines (283, 307, 327, 350, Q's & F's)
460 for 327 F & Q engines
869 for 427 engines
504 for Q engines
158 for 454 engines
207 for diesel engines
135 for air conditioning
178 batteries
103 for bottom paint
32 for buffing and waxing  
168 for distributors
171 for generators
209 for Paragon transmissions
157 for props
110 for seacocks
  69 for varnishing
106 for winterizing

Plus parts sources, rehab projects, wiring and much, much more.  If a Commander project has been done, someone in this great club has shared it!!!

Two versions of the SuperDisc 

The SuperDisc Complete Edition is for first time buyers of SuperDiscs. You may also want to purchase the Resource Collection 4.0 (see below) for even more information regarding Chris Craft Commanders.

The SuperDisc Upgrade Edition is intended for those who wish to upgrade their SuperDisc 1.0 through 13.0.  We appreciate return customers.

SuperDisc Testimonials

  • "We got the Superdisc for my Dad for Christmas (along with a club hat and coffee mug) If any of you are thinking about buying the Superdisc but wondering if its worth the price, BUY IT, it's literally worth 5 times what it cost. You could look at its contents for 2 hours every day for a year and probably not get to all of the info that's there."  "Again, a hundred thanks for all of the help! As I said in my earlier note, I'm hoping that we are able to bring the boat to the meet, and say thanks in person!"   John Scouler, March, 2009
  • “It's more impressive than I even thought it would be. I ordered both the Superdisc and Resource Collection. There are manuals, model-specific info, and TONS of history from this forum on pretty much every issue. Definitely worth picking up!”  Matt Cowles, January 2014
  • “I received the CCC Superdisc last evening and just wanted to report back to you how extremely happy I am that I now have all of this information at my finger tips. I’m only disappointed that I waited so long to obtain one, but then again I’ve just got that much more information to review.”  “Everything works fine and I do appreciate your checking the Disc out in advance. Thanks again for your timely shipping.”           Scott Pullin, 42’ Commander, Hull #513832    May 2014
  • I just received my copy of the resource files and super disk - what a great source of information! Well worth the small cost and of course it's a bonus that the fund support this site.  I saw a factory test (I think) of my hull when it was new. 19.1 mph top speed @ 42,999 pounds! It's crazy how different the same boat can weigh, that sheet alone shows 47's from 34k to 43k lbs. Steve Valvasori January 2017

Resource Collection 4.0  New for 2019

More content!  More projects described!  Engines, Hulls, Electrical, manuals, brochures, tech tips are some of the topics.

The Resource Collection 4.0 contents include CC Catalogs and Brochures. CC Service Bulletins, CC Price Lists. Engine & Transmission Manuals. Dick Avery sketches and drawings, a folder for every Commander model, and all kinds of technical and interesting stuff. A true “Treasure Trove” for the Commander owner!  

This Flash Drive is just over 2 GB in size and contains 187 folders with 2,563 files ! It is comprised of information & content supplied by many club members.
We thank you for supporting the club with your purchase of this drive. We hope you find it to be the value we feel it is, and trust you will enjoy the other benefits your payment will help provide. It’s your payment for this drive that helps to support the activities of this dues free organization that has grown from 12 members in 1999 to well over 4000 members in 2019.

Resource Collection 4.0 Menu Preview

Contents Listing:

Air Conditioners and Refrigerators
Anchor and Windlass Systems
Boating software, apps, links
Brochure Ads, History
Chris Craft Art, Styling, Management
Chris Craft Commanders by model year including member projects and manuals
Chris Craft non-Commanders
Chris Craft service bulletins
Commander Club
Commander Pricing
Drive Line
Electrical Systems
Engines and their systems
Hull Stuff
Misc. catalogs, manuals
Price Lists
Seamanship, Boat handling
Tech Tips
Total Command System

Two versions of the Resource Collection 4.0

The Resource Collection 4.0 is for first time buyers and is a great companion to the SuperDisc above.

The Resource Collection 4.0 Upgrade Edition is intended for those who own Resource Collection Vol. 1 or Resource Collection 2.0 or 3.0 and wish to upgrade.  We appreciate return customers.

Format of SuperDisc  and Resource Collection 4.0

The FLASH DRIVE format will be produced and shipped directly from the Chris Craft Commander Club. You insert the flash drive into your computer's USB port.

Why was the DVD format discontinued?  We had very few orders to justify the expense of producing the DVD version. Due to the size and organization of the data we are not able to provide download or internet subscriber versions at this time.

 These Super Discs are sold to Commander Members. The proceeds are used to finance and support many of the things our Club offers, including the website, in-the-water events, etc.

Ordering SuperDisc and Resource Collection 4.0

To order your copy of the SuperDisc and Resource Collection click here.

Club News

2019 Regional Rendezvous Hosts Wanted

Are you yearning for a little fix for Commander-itis?

Would you like to meet other Commander owners in your area?

Do you have a great idea for a Commander gathering on or off the water?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we have just the remedy for you: We encourage you to think about hosting, or, indicating your interest in hosting a Regional Rendezvous in your area in 2019.

For more information about hosting - click here:

Hosting A Rendezvous

Char Pike has volunteered to be the EC “Point Person” for 2019 Regional Rendezvous. Please contact Char if you are interested in organizing & holding a Regional Rendezvous in your area. Char’s e-mail address is


Help Wanted!!!

New Faces, New Perspectives - Executive Committee Openings to start in January 2020

Would you like to be more active in the Commander Club? Would you like to help chart our course? Are you willing to commit the time, energy and creativity needed to assist us in promoting and supporting our mission?

We are searching for new faces and new perspectives. Positions start in January 2020 for a two year term.

There are four positions available. Chief Commander, Treasurer, Public Relations Chair and Membership Chair.

Duties for each position are located in the bylaws

More details about each position here.

The Executive Committee (EC) convenes monthly via conference call. Meetings typically last 90 minutes or less. Most work done via e-mail. Each job has its own time commitment depending on club activities. Current EC members will mentor you.

Interested in any of these positions?

Please drop Char Pike an e-mail at


2018 Photo Contest Winner

The 4th Annual Chris-Craft Commander Club Photo Contest had more than 50 entries and selecting the winners was not an easy task. 

First place: submitted by Pat Chaps

Second place: submitted by Martin Krall;

Third place: submitted by Jeff Pacy.

To view all entries to this year's contest,         Click Here

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